Friday, September 3, 2010

Back To School Forever 21 Haul

So here are a few things I ordered off of as part of my back to school shopping. I am going into 10th grade and I start during the second week of September. Since the warm weather is still in session where I live, some of these clothes are made for warmer weather. Under each item, I will write the name, price and why I bought it. At the top is accessories and towards the bottom is clothes. My total came to about $190, and considering what I got, probably the best deal ever! I purchased everything with my own money with the exception of $40 my dad gave me :) Enjoy!

Super Soft Bow Socks $3.50 each

Ok so this being the first item of this post... don't exit out! First off, how could anyone say these aren't adorable as anything? So cute for hanging around your house or a friends! I got 3 pairs :)

Chunky Woven Beret $5.50

I have a beret similar to this in black. I love the way it sits on my head and covers up my bad hair days! Had to get another one especially for under $6!

Zippered Pocket Accent Bag $32.80

Lately, I have had this obsession with a Balenciaga bag I saw in a magazine. Obviously, it was beyond being way out of a 16 year old's price range. This bag looks so much like it, I had to double-take. I thought I accidentally clicked on the Balenciaga bag since it is saved in my favorites:). When I tried to navigate away I realized the price was $32.80. This bag was in my cart faster than you can say Balenci-what?

Chain Wrapped Jewel Necklace $5.80
I cannot get over this necklace! It's so girly with the huge purple jewel and then so edgy and cute with the chains! And of course, gold!

Longline Flower Link Necklace $5.80

I like this necklace because it's so long and dainty. It would look super girly doubled up or even tripled up with a few other dainty necklaces.

Metallic Cuff $5.80

I love thick cuffs like this! After reading this post you are all gonna be well aware and well informed how much I love jewelry, florals and GOLD! I am a gold girl, silver is not my choice. I'm like a vampire from True Blood!

Antique Butterfly Stud Earrings $3.80

Uhm... I like butterflies and turquoise? Haha I am such a shopaholic.

Rhinestone Barrel Ring $4.80

Not sure why I liked this. My explanations for why I bought most jewelry are weak. I guess I just have a fetish! Oh but I do love olive and gold together!

Hailey Elastic Ring $5.80 each
I bought both colors because they were both so cute! I love gold and colors but I also LOVE black and gunmetal. I love the ring in general because it's so thick and fills up your bottom knuckle:)

Pyramid Studded Double Ring $5.80
Like this ring, seems very edgy but still girly with the crystal studs.

On My Way Out Tee $6.99
Love this shirt! It's so cute and would look super cute under a long, black cardigan and a pair of skinny jeans or leggings (or jeggings!)

Flowery Chiffon Top $17.80
I thought this was great for school while the warm weather is still here to wear with shorts or denim crops. But also, it's great for the winter with a pair of dark skinny jeans tucked into a pair of black or tan leather boots. As you will see in this post, I LOVE most things floral!

Oversized Cable Knit Sweater $24.80
What sold this to me was the model. She makes it look so comfortable but still chic and stylish. Really excited to be able to throw this on over a slubby t-shirt and pair of leggings and pull my hair back into a bun or ponytail. We all have lazy days!

Field of Flowers Dress $19.90
I saw Miley Cyrus in a dress similar to this and I had to put it in my bag. Just picturing it with a pair of peek-a-boo tights and tan riding boots gives me butterflies. Plus, the colors look great on everyone!

Strapless Ruffled Tunic $11.50

I could see myself totally wearing this top to death. In the summer, not so much due to it's length (tunic= long shirt). But in the winter...... a white long- sleeved burnout tee underneath with a pair of liguid leggings and deep chocolate boots. Pluss lots of necklaces and maybe a knit beret (the kind that sits on the back of your head).

Floral Knit Dress $14.90
(had to get in medium because there was no small.. hope it fits!)
Well you've made it to the end of this never- ending blog post. And guess what? More florals! Thought this would be nice in the fall with a pair of black boots and a denim shirt over it. Plain and simple.
I just wanna thank the people that took the time to read this entire long blog haul and let me know if you guys like this type of post or give me suggestions on what you would like me to post about.. until next time, stay glitzy!

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