Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boscia Face Wash Kit

A few days ago, I picked up the boscia Normal to Oily Kit. boscia is a skincare brand that can be found at Sephora and several department stores. boscia is known for using all natural products. They don't use any harsh chemicals like facial cleansers such as Proactiv and Clean&Clear. The kit came to about $45 but I also purchased another product which I will mention later in the post that cost around $20-$25. My total was about $75-$80.

Included in this kit is the following:

boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel
The cleansing gel is exactly what it sounds like. It comes is a little bottle with a pump top. It is a little foamy but not too soapy. It doesn't have a strange scent, it's very fresh and clean smelling. Maybe lavender.

boscia Balancing Facial Tonic
The tonic is the best part! It comes in a spray bottle. Like the top is a pump sprayer. You just hold it a good 6 in.- 1 ft. from your face and spray all over without going crazy. It smells really really nice, similar to lavender also.

boscia Oil- free Daily Hydration SPF 15
This and the next step are the only ones that are not used every time. By the name of it, this one is used in the AM and the night one is used.. well, at night. The daytime one does not smell as nice as the other products but the smell leaves after a few seconds. The amount of product isn't very plentiful(only .5 oz.) but it's not too bad w/ price and you can repurchase the products as you need them. It spreads really easily over the skin and feels really lightweight.

boscia Recharging Night Moisture
This moisturizer is... strange. It smells better than the daytime one. But, it doesn't blend as easily and when you wake up, it looks like someone rubbed bacon on your face. It feels a bit heavier but dries after a few minutes.

boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens
LOVE THESE! they smell like a green tea bag( two teas? a tea bag of green tea). Not really much else to say about them except for that. They do absorb oil really nicely without drying out your skin.

As I said earlier, I purchased another product from boscia which is called the Willow Bark To- Go Breakout Treatment. This product is similar to Proactiv's Refining Mask without the harsh, skin- damaging chemicals. It is odorless and the applicator is twist- up. The woman at Sepora recommended I twist the product up into the rubber chiseled applicator, then, using A FINGER, apply it to any breakouts. This will prevent bacteria from the blemish from spreading. If I were to get bacteria onto the applicator, every time I applied, it would spread bacteria on my face. ew.

I have only been using this product line for 5 days and I already see a difference. I don't have very bad skin but I do get the occasional breakout or blemish. I recommend it to anyone that has skin problems and is looking for a solution.

***Side note: No matter what skin type, I recommend the Normal to Oily. I have very very dry skin but the woman said people always complain about the dry skin one. It leaves residue and chalky streaks after they apply the tonic. Hopefully, this will be fixed so I can get the one that corresponds to me!

Everything was purchased with my money. Noones sponsoring this... I wish! ;)

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